We should rather say: The Incredible Health Benefits of Making Sheepskin Rugs Part of Your Life! Why? Because sheepskin rugs are not just a beautiful décor accessory – they have many natural benefits for your health and relaxation levels.

Sheepskin Rugs as an Instant Home Maker

Before we get to the health benefits of using sheepskin rugs, we can’t ignore how helpful these striking rugs are when used around the house as accessories. Run out of cushions? No problem – just throw a professionally cured and treated sheepskin over for the most comfortable chair of your life.

On the floor, on the furniture, even mounted on the walls, sheepskins create an instant atmosphere of cosy warmth and organic textures. If you’re worried about how sheepskins can bear up under the strain of daily wear and tear, carry on reading to discover the best and easiest ways to clean a sheepskin rug.

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug (it’s easier than you think!)

First of all, inspect your sheepskin closely to see which method of cleaning is going to be the best:

• Spot cleaning

• Hand washing

• Washing machine

• Professional cleaners

Do your homework first by looking at the preferred washing instructions on your sheepskin. If you decide to go with professional cleaners, make sure they have experience in handling sheepskins, and ask to see some photographs of previous orders they’ve done successfully.

Spot cleaning: Use bleach and enzyme free cleaners only. Try to get hold of a wool wash cleaner that has micellular action. Mix wool wash according to instructions and put into a spray bottle. Use a wool wire brush lightly if stain is ingrained. Rinse well and pat dry with a clean cloth. Dry out of direct sunlight (a hot water geyser cupboard is ideal).

Hand or Machine Wash for Larger Areas: Follow instructions above, but this time using a washing machine or bowl of warm (38 degrees) water.

It doesn’t matter whether your sheepskins are for personal or decorative use – always brush them regularly to keep the fibres fluffy, straight, and upright.

Sheepskins are Good for Your Health: Here’s Why


Humans have been using sheepskins for thousands of years for the natural health benefits they provide. Not only do sheepskins give support for aching limbs and pressure points, but they can also regulate your body temperature to help improve circulation. In addition to these comforting uses, sheepskin rugs are bacteria, bug repellent, and kind to skin.

According to research done recently, sheepskins have been proven to promote peaceful and deeper sleep in babies, the aged, and the infirm as well. Sheepskin truly is a miracle fleece!

Renew your commitment to health and wellbeing this year by using sheepskin rugs.

Sheepskins Used for Relief of Medical Symptoms and Illnesses


Arthritis, and any other joint and inflammation diseases that cause pain, can be relieved from sleeping on a sheepskin. They help maintain the body’s temperature at a steady 37C which increases blood flow and reduces inflammation to the affected joints.


When used in baby’s cot or crib, sheepskin helps regulate body temperature in both hot and cold weather. Always place the infant in the supine position (back) or on its side. Premature babies placed on sheepskin rugs gain weight three times faster.

Bed Sores
In the aged and infirm, sleeping on a sheepskin has been proven to reduce the risk of bed sores significantly. When placed onto a sheepskin, bed sore sufferers heal faster. (Medical and body waste must be rinsed off prior to normal washing).

Car Seat Covers
Come rain or shine, a sheepskin car seat cover will have you smiling through every commute.

Veterinary Use
Our closest friends in the kingdom – cats and dogs – have a similar metabolism to our own, especially when it comes to healing. By maintaining a median temperature, blood supply to a wound or infected area heals faster. Your fur baby will thank you for buying them a sheepskin rug and remembering to clean it at regular intervals.

Everyday Benefits of Using Sheepskin

Sheepskins help to reduce discomfort and friction: Sheep wool contains an outer layer of fibre around the shaft that makes it very pliable and smooth. This means that when someone moves on top of sheepskin, the wool moves with them. This helps to alleviate discomfort and chafing.
Sheepskins repel bacteria and dirt: The wool of a sheep is naturally resistant to dust mites, bugs, and mould.
Sheepskins are breathable: This wonderful substance allows air to circulate – even when a body is pressing down on it.
Lanolin is hypoallergenic: Sheepskin contains lanolin which duplicates the oils found in human skin. This makes it more than suitable for anyone with skin conditions, such as eczema or for someone who suffers from skin sensitivity. They contain zero chemical irritants.
Wool can wick away moisture and sweat: Got a temperature? That won’t be a problem if you rest easy on a sheepskin. Fleece has the natural ability to absorb sweat and moisture without you feeling clammy or sticky.

Sleep Better – Feel Better

There have been so many studies linking a good night’s sleep to better performance that we can’t even list them all here. Sheepskins should be called sleepskins – they promote longer and more natural sleep patterns in summer and winter. Maybe this is the origin of the insomnia quick-fix to go and count sheep.

When you look at all the reasons how sheepskin rugs, lambskin bedding, and woollen clothing provide you with outstanding comfort and support, you will realise that sometimes Mother Nature does indeed make things best!

We are very fortunate to have these beautiful and advantageous products right here and available to us all over the world. Sleep, relax, and live better with sheepskin today.