Lambskins for Baby

Perfect all year round and can be used in a variety of ways.

Wool is a natural insulator keeping baby warm and cozy in cold weather. In hot weather wool absorbs moisture which is then released into the air, leaving baby drier and more comfortable.

Medical Sheepskins
Bed sores can be a greater problem in summer due to sweating but sheepskin's wool can absorb up to 33% if its weight in moisture. This draws perspiration away from the skin and slowly releases it by evaporation, allowing the body to feel cool and dry in summer.

Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin rugs on the floor feel wonderful against bare feet in summer. And when used as a throw over your favorite chair or sofa, the introduction of sheepskin can provide a new level of comfort all year.

Sweaty contact with leather couches in summer and cold to the touch in winter are both avoided.

Sheepskin Slippers
Unlike synthetic sheepskin footwear, ours will reduce sweating in summer so the comfort of sheepskin can be enjoyed all year.

Our open-backed slip-on styles are particularly popular as summer slippers.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers
Our genuine sheepskin car seat covers reduce sweating and avoid burning hot seats when the vehicle has been parked in the sun.

They improve comfort throughout the year, excellent for long drives in summer!

Steering Wheel and Seatbelt Covers
Steering wheel too hot to handle after parked in the sun?

The thick wool of our sheepskin steering wheel cover will immediately eliminate this problem and reduce sweaty hands whilst driving.