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Possum Merino Clothing & Accessories

Possum Merino Clothing
Check our new possum merino range

Kiwi Sheepskins is proud to offer its range of Possum Merino blend clothing and accessories. The beautiful, soft feel of possum fur has been combined with the durability of merino wool and luxurious mulberry silk to create a product unique to New Zealand. .


New Zealand possum fur is characterised by its short and fine fibre which has a uniquely hollow structure. This unique hollow structure is what makes possum fur so special. In fact, the hollow fibre structure is only found in one other animal, the polar bear. As a result of its fibre, possum fur has unrivalled heat retention and insulation properties. It is uncannily lightweight and soft to the touch making the fur perfect to wear year-round. On its own merino wool is a beautiful yarn that produces stunning knitwear. However, when we combine with possum fibre and add in a little mulberry silk, it produces a luxurious blend that is both soft, lightweight and perfect for all seasons. .


Our possum merino blend is 35% warmer than other common wools and an amazing 55% warmer cashmere alone. Making it perfect for winter, but because of the breathability and lightweight nature it is ideal for many other occasions such as travelling.


All of our Possum Merino garments are designed and made in New Zealand


SALE NOW ON - ALL Possum-Merino clothing reduced!


Our product line meets the NZ Government definition of essential items to provide warmth. We can send orders both domestically and internationally and our online store is taking orders 24/7. Please note that we can only ship in-stock items as the factories are shut for the next few weeks so any special-order items will be delayed until after the NZ Lockdown ends which will hopefully be towards the end of April.

Unfortunately we cannot currently ship to Japan, Taiwan or Malaysia and shipments to Europe and the UK may be delayed. Shipping times to Australia and North America have not been significantly impacted.

We urge everyone to take the Coronavirus threat seriously and adhere to local government directives. Our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Made in New Zealand
Possum Merino Poncho - large: Navy/Berry/Heather

USD $149.95

USD $119.95
Possum Merino Wrap

USD $199.95

USD $159.95
Possum Merino Scarf

USD $69.95

USD $55.95
Possum Merino Keyhold Scarf

USD $74.95

USD $59.95
Possum Merino Snood: Mint/Heather/Mocha

USD $69.95

USD $55.95
Possum Merino Beanie

USD $44.95

USD $37.95
Possum Merino Soft Peak Hat

USD $99.95

USD $89.95
Possum Merino Glove

USD $27.95

USD $22.95
Possum Merino Open Finger Glove

USD $27.95

USD $22.95