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Lambskin Products For Baby

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What is a baby care lambskin?

Affectionately known as a lambie, it is simply a lambskin rug that has been carefully selected and tanned specifically for infant care use.


The machine washable baby sheepskin is a whole pelt with no joins or backing, so you have soft lamb fleece one side and hide leather on the reverse.


Babies settle into the warmth and comfort of natural lambskins, crying less and sleeping more.


Long wool or shorn?

Our preference is for the BabyCare Shorn, its uniform length shorter wool fibers support baby better and are a little easier to keep clean.


Some people however prefer the traditional look of a long wool lambie. Both versions are silky soft to the touch though and whichever you choose, we're sure you and baby will be delighted!


What do you recommend for a stroller/pushchair, pram or baby car seat?

Whilst Bowron BabyCare baby rugs can be used in these, both Bowron and Auskin offer specially shaped, universal fitting products made from the same shorn lambskins but with a lightly padded backing.


See our sheepskin and baby information page for details including baby care guidelines and benefits of baby lambskins.

Genuine sheepskin - New Zealand made
Bowron Baby Care Soft lambskin unshorn
Bowron Babycare Soft Natural (Unshorn)

Fully washable naturally soft lambskin approved for baby bedding / infant care use, often affectionately known as a lamby.
Unshorn babycare retains the soft and silky lambswool tip of an unshorn lamb.
USD $87.95
Bowron Babycare Shorn natural
Bowron Babycare Shorn Natural

Bowron Baby Care is a fully washable lambskin approved for baby bedding / infant care use, often affectionately known as a lambie.
Shorn baby care lambskins support baby on numerous wool fibers for improved comfort in all climates.
USD $87.95
Bowron Stroller Fleece
Bowron StrollerFleece

Bowron's Strollerfleece lambskin comforter is a baby sheepskin liner for strollers/push chairs, buggies or car safety seats. Adjustable head cushion enables the Stroller Fleece to grow with baby.
USD $82.95
Auskin lambskin pram liner rug
Auskin Lambskin Pram Rug/Stroller Comforter

The natural lambskin's soft wool fibers comfort and soothe babies, just what baby needs on the go.
USD $71.95
Auskin Baby Play Rug
Large Sheepskin Baby Play Rug

Auskin's large size lambskin baby rug is perfect for baby to play or rest on, whether it be at home or away.
USD $219.95
Baby Lambskin Mittens
Baby Lambskin Mitts

Cute thumbless lambskin mittens for the smallest of hands.
USD $32.95
Crocheted Wool/Lambskin Baby Bootee
Crochet Wool/Lambskin Baby Bootee

Hand crocheted baby bootees made from finest Perendale wool with lambskin soles.
from USD $26.95
Sheepskin Baby Booties
Sheepskin Baby Booties

Baby booties featuring real sheepskin throughout. The wool side of the sheep skin naturally moulds to baby's feet.
USD $23.95
Ezi Fit sheepskin boots for baby
Ezi Fit Sheepskin Baby Boots

Cute soft sole boots for babies and toddlers.
from USD $33.95
Children's Sheepskin Booties
Kids Sheepskin Bootie Slippers

Children's version of one of our best selling items of footwear, the bootie slipper.
from USD $51.95
Childrens Mid Calf Sheepskin Boots
Childrens Mid Calf Boot

Cute mini version of our Mid Calf Classic EVA sheepskin boot.
from USD $64.95
Wool wash sheepskin shampoo
Woolskin Wool Wash Sheepskin Shampoo

Specially formulated for laundering sheepskin products. Woolskin gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents.
USD $18.95

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