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Sheepskin Bedding and Medical Sheepskins

Medical sheepskin bed covers for body cushioning
Genuine medical sheepskin bedding supports the body on a cushion of dense wool fibers providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
Sheepskin wheelchair seat pads and accessories
Medical sheepskin wheelchair covers, seat pads and accessories help eliminate irritating pressure points.

What is a medical sheepskin?

Our medical sheepskins, which are all New Zealand made, are carefully selected from particularly large pelts with a high wool fiber count so the woolpile stands upright when shorn to a uniform length (around an inch or 25mm). As with all our sheepskin products, the wool is still attached to the sheep skin's hide.


Medical sheep skins undergo a special longer tanning process which enables them to be machine washed frequently.


What are the benefits?

As well as being a luxurious bedding item, they can improve the quality of life of anyone confined to a seat, wheelchair or bed for prolonged periods. The cushioning of wool fibers and the wool's natural ability to absorb moisture keeps the body drier and helps reduce the occurrence and severity of pressure sores, bedsores and decubitus ulcers. See our medical grade sheepskins information page to discover more.


Read our medical sheepskin testimonials from delighted customers who describe how our products help improve comfort.

SALE NOW ON - ALL medical sheepskin products reduced!


ALL sheepskin, possum-merino and cosmetics products reduced! Order early for the Northern Hemisphere winter before the rush! Don't miss out!!!

Orders to most destinations are being delivered within 2 weeks but we do encourage everyone to order early as we are getting closer to Christmas.

Our best wishes to you and your loved ones in these difficult times.

Genuine sheepskin - New Zealand made
Bowron FleeceEase medical sheepskin pelt

The machine washable Bowron FleeceEase sheepskins aren't just for getting a better night's sleep, they're ideal for your favorite chair, car seat, or anywhere great comfort is desired.
USD $169.95

USD $129.95
Medical sheepskin bed pelt

Enjoy the soothing properties of genuine medical sheepskins with these bed underlays which are simply whole shorn wool sheepskin pelts sewn together with no backing.
USD $239.95 to $819.95

from USD $199.95
Sheepskin bed pad

New Zealand made from real medical grade sheep skins, our premium sheepskin mattress cover provides supreme comfort for all ages year round.
USD $649.95 to $1,429.95

from USD $549.95
Sheepskin seat pad

Genuine medical sheepskin with lightly padded quilted backing. Ideal for use on just about any type of seat whether it be an office chair, car seat, armchair or wheelchair.
USD $109.95

USD $89.95
Sheepskin wheelchair seat pad

Medical sheepskin seat pad for wheelchairs is designed to give maximum comfort and aid. Tailored to fit snugly on the wheelchair seat (18 inch width).
USD $99.95

USD $79.95
Sheepskin wheelchair cover

Wheelchair cover made in New Zealand from genuine medical sheepskins.
USD $169.95

USD $139.95
Sheepskin arm covers for wheelchair

Genuine medical sheepskin wheelchair armrest cover pair. Fully tanned and manufactured in New Zealand.
USD $87.95

USD $73.95
Sheepskin wheelchair arm cover

Medical sheepskin wheel chair arm or leg cover pair. The pads wrap around the wheelchair arms, legs or other parts of the frame to provide warmth and comfort.
USD $69.95

USD $58.95
Enclosed sheepskin medical boots

A wide opening makes these New Zealand made medical boots easy to put on and take off even when the ankle has limited or no mobility.
USD $136.95

USD $116.95
Sheepskin heel pad / elbow pad

Excellent relief from tension and pressure on these sensitive parts of the body. Helps prevent pressure sores.
USD $85.95

USD $67.95
Sheepskin knee pads

Our sheepskin knee pad is made in New Zealand and has a variety of uses including protection after knee surgery and for geriatrics prone to injuring their knees.
USD $65.95

USD $54.95
Sheepskin lumbar roll

Lumbar support cushion made from genuine sheepskin. Use just about anywhere you sit to help prevent lower back pain.
USD $49.95

USD $42.95
Bowron lambskin minx throw on bed

Divine luxury - a uniquely textured lambskin throw with luxurious quilted backing.
USD $529.95

USD $369.95
Slipper Socks with Sheepskin

Most people wouldn't normally wear their sheepskin footwear in bed. Now you can with our slipper socks!
Please note that the photos are of white and chocolate. We have recently been able to source this material in grey so will add photos soon.
USD $65.95

from USD $54.95
Wool wash sheepskin shampoo

Specially formulated for laundering sheepskin products. Woolskin gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents.
USD $18.95

USD $15.95