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Beautiful Sheepskin Woollen Slippers

Bedside sheepskin slippers
Such a delight to slip into at the bedside first thing, you'll want to keep them on all day!
Slip into on winter's evening
Kiwi sheepskin slippers - just so cozy and warm on a winter's evening.
Slip-on scuff style morning comfort
Slip-on slipper styles - great comfort in the morning throughout the year.
Perfect indoor slippers
Rolled Collar Scuffs featuring a soft hide sole, just perfect for indoors.
Luxurious sheepskin scuffs
Slip on a pair of luxurious Josie Scuff slippers and feel the genuine sheepskin.

Our sheepskin slippers are proudly made in New Zealand to our high standards using only genuine New Zealand or Australian sheepskin that has been tanned specifically for footwear use.


Premium twinface sheepskins are used whereby the wool is still attached to the sheep skin leather. All sheepskin products including our footwear comes with our 12 month warranty.


Check out our testimonials page for reviews and feedback specific to our sheepskin slippers category or see each product's Testimonials tab. We have numerous delighted international customers including from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


See our highly rated Kiwi Sheepskin boots for even more warmth and our Ultimate outdoor footwear.


SALE NOW ON - ALL slipper and boot styles reduced!


Our product line meets the NZ Government definition of essential items to provide warmth. We can send orders both domestically and internationally and our online store is taking orders 24/7. Please note that we can only ship in-stock items as the factories are shut for the next few weeks so any special-order items will be delayed until after the NZ Lockdown ends which will hopefully be towards the end of April.

Unfortunately we cannot currently ship to Japan, Taiwan or Malaysia and shipments to Europe and the UK may be delayed. Shipping times to Australia and North America have not been significantly impacted.

We urge everyone to take the Coronavirus threat seriously and adhere to local government directives. Our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Genuine sheepskin - New Zealand made
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Sole types
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Bootie Sheepskin Slippers - hard sole version

The hard sole version of our New Zealand made bootie style of sheepskin slipper features an ultra flexi TPR side-stitched sole.
USD $99.95 to $104.95

from USD $82.95
Sheepskin slippers - Soft Sole Booties

Hide sole version of our booties for those who prefer a soft sole for indoor only use.
USD $96.95 to $100.95

from USD $79.95
Paddy Sheepskin Slippers

Our best value slipper and still made in New Zealand.
USD $87.95 to $91.95

from USD $69.95
Madison sheepskin slippers

Hard sole sheepskin slippers for both men and women featuring a lightweight EVA sole.
USD $99.95 to $104.95

from USD $79.95
Sheepskin slip-on clog slipper

Unisex sheepskin house slippers in a clog style that are easy to slip on and off.
USD $72.95 to $76.95

from USD $58.95
Sheepskin Loafer Clogs

Top-of-the-range sheepskin slippers in a slip-on clog style.
USD $89.95 to $93.95

from USD $75.95
Mens Sheepskin Slippers in a traditional slipper style

Predominantly a man's slipper but suitable for anyone who wants a beautifully made shearling slipper in a traditional style. Particularly popular with our UK customers. Made in New Zealand from premium quality twinface sheepskin throughout.
USD $109.95 to $114.95

from USD $89.95
Josie Sheepskin Scuffs

Genuine New Zealand made sheepskin slippers - easy slip on scuff style.
USD $89.95 to $93.95

from USD $69.95
Rolled Collar Scuff slippers

Soft sole women's shearling sheepskin slippers. Easy to slip onto your feet first thing in the morning or as soon as you arrive home.
USD $73.95

USD $59.95
Sheepskin Kiwi boots

The comfort of sheepskin slippers with the height of an ankle boot keeps your feet and ankles cozy and warm.
USD $93.95 to $97.95

from USD $79.95
Slipper Socks with Sheepskin

Most people wouldn't normally wear their sheepskin footwear in bed. Now you can with our slipper socks!
Please note our manufacturer has been having problems sourcing the slipper sock fabric in the Chocolate color for some time. This has caused us to go out of stock of nearly all sizes in this color. However, we have good stocks of the natural/white color.
USD $57.95 to $61.95

from USD $44.95
Children's Sheepskin Booties

Children's version of one of our best selling items of footwear, the bootie slipper.
USD $59.95 to $65.95

from USD $49.95
Crocheted Wool/Lambskin Baby Bootee

Hand crocheted baby bootees made from finest Perendale wool with lambskin soles.
USD $44.95

USD $34.95
Sheepskin Baby Booties

Baby booties featuring real sheepskin throughout. The wool side of the sheep skin naturally moulds to baby's feet.
Note the blue color is being discontinued so some sizes are not available in this color.
USD $39.95

from USD $29.95
Indoors sheepskin boots soft hide sole mid calf

Luxuriously warm soft sole sheepskin house boot.
USD $129.95 to $137.95

from USD $109.95
Sheepskin insoles - plain

To allow fitting into almost any footwear type, the insole pair are made from pure lambskin with no backing. Simply trim to fit and glue into place.
USD $19.95

USD $17.95
Sheepskin insoles for Ultimate boots

Direct replacement sheepskin insole for our side-stitched sole Ultimate range of sheepskin boots.
USD $22.95

USD $17.95
Sheepskin repellent spray

The soft leather side of twinface sheepskin footwear is easily stained so we highly recommend using this protector before use.
USD $18.95

USD $15.95