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Real Sheepskin Rugs For Your Home and Family

Special sheepskin properties that draws you to it
There's something very special about a real sheepskin rug that just draws you to it.
Lambskin soft wool fibers
Try to resist running your fingers or toes through the genuine lambskin's silky soft wool fibers.
Genuine sheepskin for relaxing on
Relax on a genuine sheepskin, there's nothing quite like it!
Long wool sheepskin
Experience the unequalled silky softness of a long wool sheepskin.
Customer photo Quarto rugs in NY
Two long wool Quarto rugs adding a warm touch to a customer's farmhouse.

Our stunning real sheepskin rugs are tanned right here in New Zealand without using harsh chemicals, before being shipped to discerning homes and customers in NZ and around the World.


Our versatile and unique range of sheepskin rugs means there is something special for everyone, from sheepskin rugs for babies to real sheepskin rugs for the living room.


No harsh chemicals like arsenic or formaldehyde are used in the tanning of our sheepskins.

Genuine sheepskin - New Zealand made
Lambskin Rugs - Spring Lamb

Premium medium sized natural pelt shaped Spring Lamb sheepskin rugs tanned by Classic Sheepskins in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
from USD $99.95
Extra large single pelt sheepskin rug

Only large sheepskins with the softest, most lustrous wool finish achieve Classic's 5 Star X-Large sheepskin rugs premium grade.
Tanned in New Zealand by Classic Sheepskins using only the highest quality lambskins.
from USD $144.95
1.5 pelt sheepskin rug

A particularly large one and a half piece sheepskin rug. Attached end to end with a typical length of about 137cm (54in.). An ideal length for draping over your favorite armchair or beside the bed.
from USD $199.95
Double sheepskin rug (2 pelts end to end)

Large double sheepskin rug, two pelts sewn end to end giving an approximate overall length of 183cm (72in.)
Excellent beside the bed or for narrow floor spaces.
from USD $259.95
Quarto sheepskin rugs (large 4 pelt)

A very popular sheepskin rug size that will fit nicely in most homes. All our Classic's rugs are premium grade and feature densely packed wool fibers that are so soft you just want to touch them!
from USD $449.95
Sexto 6-pelt sheepskin rugs

Only carefully selected premium sheep skins are used to make this large multiple. Six separate matching pelts are sewn to produce this large floor rug that can also be used as a bedspread/bed cover.
from USD $639.95
Octo sheepskin rug (large 8-pelts)

8-Pelt Octo sheepskin rug made from eight carefully matched premium long wool sheep skin pelts. This large lambskin rug that would look great in a large room.
from USD $839.95
Large sheepskin rug - 10 pelt

Stunning large natural shape sheepskin rug made from 10 premium pelts that have been expertly matched and carefully sewn together.
USD $1,049.95
12-piece natural pelt shaped sheepskin rug

12 genuine premium grade sheepskins are carefully matched and sewn to create this huge rug - our largest natural pelt shaped rug.
USD $1,299.95
Shorn shearling rugs - natural shape in Black color

Natural pelt shaped short wool shearling rugs whose wool has been clipped to a uniform height of approximately 22mm (7/8 in.) offering a completely different and contemporary look to the traditional long wool sheepskin.
from USD $149.95
Wool wash sheepskin shampoo

Specially formulated for laundering sheepskin products. Woolskin gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents.
USD $21.95
Wire brush for sheepskins

Bowron wire sheepskin care brush with wooden handle.
USD $29.95